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What Type Of Batteries Are Used In Vacuum Cleaners?

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A vacuum cleaner battery is a very important part of every portable cordless vacuum cleaner. Even if you have a vacuum cleaner with the best characteristics on paper, but your battery pack is failing quickly, you will not be satisfied with your cordless vacuum cleaner as a whole.

Most cordless vacuum cleaners use batteries of the following types:

Lead-Acid Batteries

Lead-acid batteries for vacuum cleaners are mostly used in older cordless vacuum cleaners or where weight is not important. They use the same chemistry as car batteries, but mostly have electrolytes in the form of a gel.

Gel cell batteries are electrolytes that can’t be spilled and battery normally operates in any position. They lose capacity rapidly if discharged using high currents, but they are pretty immune to memory effect.

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NiCd – Nickel Cadmium Batteries

They are not very environment friendly. Their relative capacity is better than in lead-acid batteries, especially when using high discharge currents (more than 1C currents).

In fact, NiCd batteries are one of the best batteries for insanely high discharge currents – up to 30-50C. Although, these currents are rarely (if at all) used in vacuum cleaners. They are more expensive than lead-acid batteries and prone to memory effect.

NiMH – Nickel-Metal Hydride Batteries

These batteries are often found in cordless vacuum cleaners and in cordless appliances in general. Most modern appliances have low self-discharge NiMH batteries that can stay several months on the shelf and lose only few percents of their charge.

They have higher capacity than lead-acid or NiCd batteries, almost no memory effect (no memory effect according to manufacturers, but from time to time capacity ‘refresh’ comes handy) and they are much more environmentally friendly.

They have lower discharge currents than NiCd or lead-acid batteries (in terms of ‘C’ currents), but due to the higher capacity and other benefits, they have replaced almost entirely lead-acid and NiCd batteries in battery-powered vacuum cleaners.

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Lithium-Ion Vacuum Batteries and Lithium-Ion Polymer Batteries

They are ‘high-end’ batteries in terms of capacity vs. mass, they have no memory effect, can be discharged with relatively high currents, and last long. They are one of the most expensive types of batteries used in cordless vacuum cleaners.

The advantages of power lithium-ion batteries are high energy density, small size, light weight, and long cycle life, which meet the needs of vacuum cleaners for light appearance, convenient operation, and long battery life. For families with large areas and difficult cleaning, the cordless vacuum cleaner uses a power lithium-ion battery to easily complete the cleaning task.

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