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Benefits of Battery-Powered Garden Tool

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Lawn and garden equipment has come quite a way since gas and push powered was the only option. While gas powered equipment has evolved somewhat, battery powered options have really come along in leaps and bounds. From lawn mowers to trimmers, tillers, weed whackers, and chain saws, there are many more battery powered options to choose from. While range and runtime is probably the main differentiator between choosing gas over battery, there are many other reasons for choosing battery over gas. As yards and properties become smaller, most battery powered equipment should be able to cover tasks that are within a 60 minute time.

Here are just a few reasons battery power garden tools has become a top choice.

No Gas

While the thought of gas-powered lawn equipment can bring up memories of dad mowing the lawn on a summer morning, gas tools can also be smelly, dirty and loud. With cordless garden tools you won’t ever have to worry about storing or using gas—and the job will still get done, and done well! How about that?


Today’s battery-powered tools are engineered to be easy to start and lightweight. Which means you can trim a tall tree and still have enough energy to hit the gym later—if you’re into that kinda thing.


Generally battery powered equipment like lawn mowers can cost a little more than their gas counterparts initially but gas costs and maintenance costs will continue but batteries only have to be replaced every few years. Over time you’ll most likely see savings on electric options.

No Cords

Cordless garden equipment can give you more freedom of movement since you aren’t tied to a power cord and you don’t need to worry about finding an outlet. But don’t go blowing leaves into your neighbor’s yard just because you can reach it.


Gas powered equipment requires regular servicing, oil changes/fills, fuel filters, spark plugs. Oil changes can be pretty messy and time consuming if you choose to do it yourself or expensive if you need to take it somewhere to get maintained. Maintenance on battery-powered equipment is minimal.


Zero emissions is certainly appealing but gas powered equipment isn’t there yet, not even close. It’s true that batteries need to be charged by electricity, which is often coal powered but the amounts are still nominal in comparison.

Looking for garden tool batteries

So if you’re ready to break free of gas or cords and tackle your garden with battery power, check out our line of garden tool batteries and find the power you need for a garden well done.


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