Quality is our first approach. From engineering and materials to production and testing, all of our work is quality-oriented. We have established highly automated production lines and testing processes to ensure the excellence and consistent quality of our products. All facilities and processes are ISO 9001 certified. By maintaining relationships with suppliers, we guarantee reliable quality of materials and the best cost-effectiveness.


V-0 Fireproof Plastic Parts

All plastic parts are made of UL 94 V-0 rated fireproof PC/ABS for excellent fire, water, sun and impact resistance


Smart BMS Designed by RHY

Integrated smart BMS monitors battery status, communicates with the host device and charger and provides electrical protection


World's Trusted Battery Cells

Battery cells from world's top manufacturers such as Sony, Samsung, LG, etc., are safe, powerful and durable


Pure Nickel Cell Connectors

Cells are connected by pure nickel sheets. Each cell has 4 firm welding spots for better conductivity and reliable welding quality


DHP Grade Copper Contacts

High phosphorus copper features better corrosion & wear resistance, electrical conductivity and contact stability

International Standards Compliance

All incoming materials, processing, production and inspection procedures are enforced strictly in accordance with ISO9001:2015 quality management system.

All our facilities and processes are certified by ISO9001, BSCI and SQP.

All our products are designed to meet international standards such as CE, UL, FCC, PSE, KC, RoHS, UN38.3… We can also modify the existing products to meet these standards on request.


How It Works

We Prevent It: start with materials

All incoming materials are RoHS and REACH compliant and go through IQC process. We use all the best materials for battery and charger production. Under the ISO9001 management system, we strictly select suppliers, regularly evaluate suppliers and timely replace unqualified suppliers.

We Control It: strict quality control

We implement strict quality control standards in SMT, cell balance, welding, assembly and testing. All processes are recorded, queryable and traceable. With highly automated and high-accuracy production and testing equipment, our battery packs feature better consistency of cells, good welding quality, robust structure and reliable performance.

We Correct It: resolve on site

We have a well-rounded evaluation and accountability mechanism. Our production department meets every night to summarize the quality abnormalities in the production of the day, and solve them on site to avoid any recurrence in future work.

We Improve It: Product Lifecycle Management

We keep evaluating and managing our products to further improve their performance, minimize failure rates and maintain a consistently high level of product quality. In case of product failures occurred in hands of customers, we actively respond, compensate for the losses and improve them before the next production.

100% Inspected from Design to Manufacture

Our batteries and chargers are engineered to meet ISO, IEC, UN38.3 and other standards specified by customers. We cooperate with accredited laboratories like UL, TUV, Intertek, SGS, etc. to certify and improve our products.

We utilize AOI Test Machine, Battery Capacity Detection Cabinet, Automatic Battery Sorter, Automatic Test System of Power Supply, etc. to test all PCBs, cells, packs and chargers.

We install finished products on original devices for trial run to test its compatibility. Each product has to pass aging test and OQC inspection. Products can be delivered only if they have passed all inspections.

One Year Warranty

If these are not enough to give you full confidence in the quality of our products, please remember that we provide a one-year warranty, free replacement or repair will be provided for defects caused by non-artificial reasons within one year. Our technical support is for life!


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