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Vacuum Cleaners

We provide battery solutions for all kinds of household, commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners. Whether your vacuum cleaner is small or large, handheld or robotic, upright or backpack, canister or ride-on, wet or dry, we have the best off-the-shelf and custom solutions to power it. Our experience in developing and manufacturing replacement batteries for brands such as Dyson, Shark, Hoover, Eureka, iRobot, etc. gives us a deep understanding of how a battery system brings stronger suction power, safer operation and better vacuuming experience to vacuum cleaners.


Tailored For Your Applications

RHY’s engineering team takes the time to understand your overall system, then formulates the right battery strategy which is best suited for your requirements. We adopt the right battery chemistry, cell brand, structure, features and program according to your applications.

Excellent Safety & Reliability

Safety is always the first consideration when we make a solution for customers, especially for lithium-ion batteries. Due to the chemical characteristics of lithium-ion battery itself, it is necessary to protect it from overcharge over-discharge, short-circuit, overcurrent and over-temperature to avoid combustion and explosion.

High Performance

Higher energy density, lighter weight, better safety, faster charging, longer battery life, smarter BMS, are our concept and also the trend of the battery industry. With the most advanced battery technology, RHY always delivers the best performance and helps you achieve further breakthroughs in your fields.

International Standards Compliant

Our products are certified by standards like CE, UL, FCC, PSE, KC, RoHS, UN38.3. Our engineers will design and develop products according to the standards specified by you. We can also modify the existing products to meet these standards on your demand.

Battery Solutions
for Vacuum Cleaners

Based on their high-speed motors, cordless vacuum cleaners usually require much higher discharge rates than other products, while the battery needs to be as compact and lightweight as possible. Equipped with high energy density cells and safety circuits, our batteries are lighter, safer, smarter and more powerful, which maximize the competitive edge of your vacuums.

RHY Battery Solution Brings You:
  • Battery packs with continuous and steady high-rate discharge
  • Higher capacity delivers longer run-time
  • LED fuel gauge allows users to monitor battery charge anytime
  • The battery receives instructions from the vacuum cleaner and adjusts the discharge current to adapt to different suction power levels.
  • Precision molded battery housing realizes smooth and quick removal and replacement
  • Longer battery life cycle
  • Smart BMS with multiple circuit protections prevent batteries from overcharge, over-discharge, overload and short circuit, and balances the voltage and state of charge among the cells.
  • Integrated MCU communicates with the vacuum cleaner to exchange the information of battery voltage, temperature, current, state-of-charge (SoC), etc., improving the security, interactivity and intelligence of your vacuum cleaners

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