Important Notice on Korean Market

Important Notice on Korean Market

WARNING: Some Korean companies import inferior and non-KC certified products into Korea using our KC certificates.

It has come to our attention that some Korean companies are importing inferior and non-KC certified products into Korea using our KC certificates. RHY, the leading manufacturer and exporter of power tool batteries in China, wishes to address this issue promptly.


Recently, we received a notification from the KTC organization regarding the cancellation of one of our KC certificates due to a product failing market sampling inspection tests. Upon investigation, we confirmed that the non-compliant product was not manufactured or supplied by RHY.

After a thorough inquiry, it was discovered that a Korean company misused our KC number to import substandard products from other Chinese manufacturers that lacked KC certification. These products were subjected to Korean market inspections and were found to be non-compliant, posing significant risks due to the absence of essential safety features.

About KC certification

The KC certificate is a prerequisite for electronic products to enter the Korean market. It is one of the most stringent certification standards in the world, and products certified by KC usually use better materials and have superior quality.

Unfortunately, some unscrupulous Korean companies use our KC certificate to import cheaper and inferior products that are not KC certified. These products lack the basic protection circuit module (PCM) to protect the battery from overcharge, over-discharge, overload, overtemperature, short circuit, etc., which has great risks of fire and explosion.

*An unqualified battery from Jupiter (a Korean power tool brand)


*RHY’s real KC certified battery


This unethical practice not only tarnishes our reputation but also jeopardizes consumer safety. We strongly condemn such actions and urge consumers to be cautious when purchasing products under our KC certificates.

List of Companies

We advise against purchasing from the following Korean companies known to import inferior, non-KC certified products under our KC certificates:

DO NOT Buy From (keep updating):

Collaboration with RHY

For real KC certified and quality power tool batteries, we invite you to collaborate with RHY, the premier power tool battery manufacturer. Our commitment to excellence and adherence to industry standards make us the preferred choice for reliable battery solutions.

RHY's Commitment

Industry Leader: We are the primary source supplier of compatible batteries & chargers for top brands like Makita, DeWalt, Bosch, Milwaukee, Dyson, Hitachi, Ryobi, Craftsman, etc.

Global Reach: Our products are throughout platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, AliExpress, and local shopping sites. With 90% of our products sold to developed countries, we have delivered over 20.4 million battery packs and chargers in the past decade.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: With 240,000 SF of manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen and Huizhou, equipped with highly-automated production workshops, innovative R&D lab, and an experienced engineering team, we ensure the top-notch services and products.

Certified Quality: All our facilities and processes are certified to ISO9001:2015, SQP, and BSCI standards.

RHY’s KC Certified Items

Compatible Brands Battery Charger
Makita RHY-BL18B 2.0A (18V 2.0Ah)
RHY-BL18B 3.0A (18V 3.0Ah)
RHY-BL18B 4.0A (18V 4.0Ah)
RHY-BL18B 6.0A (18V 6.0Ah)
RHY-BL18B 9.0A (18V 9.0Ah)
DeWalt DCB200 4.0Ah (20V 4.0Ah)
DCB200 6.0Ah (20V 6.0Ah)
DCB105 (in progress)
DCB117 (in progress)
Bosch BAT610G (18V 6.0Ah) 1018K

Important Statement

The unauthorized use of our KC certificates and the importation of substandard products are unacceptable practices that disrupt the market. We will take legal action to protect our company's rights and interests.

For real KC certified power tool batteries & chargers, trust only RHY for safety and quality assurance.

We call on you to report these illegal acts to the relevant authorities to protect your rights and interests and maintain the health of the market!


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