We have specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of battery packs and chargers for 10 years, and are well-informed on the cutting-edge battery technology today. From off-the-shelf batteries to custom batteries and from plastic molded batteries to shrink wrapped batteries, we have proven and reliable solutions to make sure everything works as you expected. With a full R&D team and advanced equipment, RHY one-stop battery solutions come with all mechanical design, 3D drawing, BMS design, mold tooling, injection molding, SMT, assembly and testing.

Custom Battery Solutions

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One Stop Shop

Our solutions are for one-stop shop. With professional R&D and manufacturing facilities, we are capable of independent design, development and production of all kinds of batteries and chargers. We take care of everything from a concept to volume production. If possible, assemble your complete products at RHY.

Smart Battery Systems

A smart Battery Management System (BMS) can be built on customers’ demand, through I2C, SMBus, etc. to allow communications between battery and host device, between battery and charger, exchanging the information of battery voltage, temperature, current, state-of-charge (SoC) and health status.

Flexible Pricing

We are elastic in selecting more affordable or more premium solutions to suit different markets, seeking a balance between cost and demand. Your product could be an independent line in RHY's system with separate manufacturing standards. In this way, our products can be cheaper than cheap and higher than high standards.

Refund of Fees

A breakdown of development costs will be sent to you before everything starts. All design and development fees are charged at actual costs. Based on a win-win strategy, when your order reaches a certain total amount, all development fees will be fully refunded. This is undoubtedly a great support for your business.

Steps to Customize Your Battery Pack


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Study your case, including how and where your devices will be used, understand your requirements, and develop a right battery strategy.


Enclosure design, 3D drawings, mold tooling, BMS design, charging solution and all essential components are carried out as agreed.


An engineering prototype will be delivered to you within the specified time, and you will decide any modifications are required.


Process validation and trial production are conducted to ensure that the products can be consistently manufactured and meet your requirements.


Mass production is made to order after your final approval. We produce more than 10,000 batteries and 5,000 chargers per day.

Customization Range







We select the right cell chemistry, brand, model and specification based on your budget and the battery voltage, charge & discharge current, cell internal resistance and working conditions required for your applications. 18650 / 21700 rechargeable lithium-ion cells from Samsung, LG, Sony, Moli, Highstar, Sunpower and other top manufacturers are most commonly used by us.

Battery Management Systems

We engineer and build smart Battery Management System (BMS) which allows digital communications between battery and host device, between battery and charger through I2C, SMBus, CAN, etc., exchanging the information of battery voltage, temperature, current, state-of-charge (SoC) and health status. The system monitors and manages each single cell intelligently to balance the voltage and state of charge among the cells, protecting the battery from overcharge, overdischarge and overheating, optimizing battery performance, and prolonging battery life.

Enclosure & Structure

As for battery enclosure, plastic molded housing or shrink wrap enclosure is usually adopted by us for different standards of structural strength, size & shape, impact resistance, heat dissipation, explosion proof and IP ratings. Exquisite design and appropriate configuration make the battery pack outstanding in look and use. There is a robust holder inside the battery to fix cells, PCB/PCBA, connectors and other components. We adopt the most suitable enclosure design and internal structure for you.


The insatiable pursuit of fast charging can actually damage the battery. RHY's unique air cooling charging technology prevents battery and charger from overheating by cooling the battery and charger when charging, so as to ensure safe charging, improve charging efficiency and optimize battery life.


RHY supplies connector assembly including a terminal base, metal contacts and wiring harnesses which are connected from your device to our batteries, which transmits power and carries digital communications. You just need to simply implant them into your device, and the device will perfectly work with the battery.

You can also choose directly from our off-the-shelf (OTS) battery packs and chargers which are market tested and can be customized on demand as well.

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Case Study

Strapping Tool Battery

A world's leading strapping tool manufacturer, originally purchased from Bosch, but eventually came to RHY because of our custom service and almost half the cost. As expected, the battery and charger we customized for the strapping tool outperform their originals.

*We protect the privacy of our customers. The image is for reference only.

Disinfectant Sprayer Battery

The product is a new release of electrostatic disinfectant sprayer. The battery circuit board is covered with waterproof coating to allow for use in moist conditions. Our engineering team customized a BMS that features electrical protection to ensure the battery safety.

*We protect the privacy of our customers. The image is for reference only.

Vacuum Cleaner Battery

RHY is proud to be the supplier of Viomi (NASDAQ: VIOT, Xiaomi Ecological Chain Enterprise), supplying 25.9V Li-ion batteries for Viomi Cyber Smart Wet-Dry Vacuum Cleaner. Our batteries are powerful and feature very low failure rate and longer lifespan.

*We protect the privacy of our customers. The image is for reference only.

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