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Partner with a larger, stronger and more professional manufacturer.

Design, Development & Manufacturing

Deal With A Real Manufacturer

Dealing directly with a manufacturer means huge savings in time, money and effort. We have our own manufacturing plants, R&D lab and sales team. 10 years of experience in battery industry enables us to understand your needs faster and better. No middlemen are involved, no commission is charged and prices are completely based on actual costs. Spend your money on substantial things!

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Our Advantages

Manufacturing Capability

Our 170,000 sq. ft. manufacturing plants produce more than 10,000 battery packs and 5,000 chargers of consistent quality per day. All our facilities and processes are ISO 9001, BSCI and SQP certified and highly automated.

One-Stop Solutions

Our battery solutions come with mechanical design, 3D drawing, mold tooling, BMS design, PCB/PCBA layout, charging solution and all essential parts and components. We serve you throughout design, development, prototyping, validation and production.

Battery Expertise

Our engineering team brings together the best battery experts. With hundreds of successful battery pack and charger designs, we deeply understand what makes the best battery and what consumers like, and then incorporate those key factors into our battery solutions.

Support Your Business

We support your business by providing high quality products at reasonable prices. All design and development fees are fully refunded when your order reaches a certain amount. One-year warranty and lifelong technical support guarantee your purchases.


Why Not RHY?

A rough estimate of the cost of building a well-rounded battery pack production line is close to $1 million. In most cases, a production line of chargers needs to be built as well to ensure the perfect compatibility between battery packs and chargers. In addition, you will have to bear the risks of equipment depreciation, production management and quality control, as well as more expensive labor. We already have everything you need, so why not just go with RHY?

How We’re Different?

We are truly quality-oriented and customer-centric. With this in mind, our products are made to the highest standards in the industry and for the best cost effectiveness. Compared to those big-name battery suppliers, we offer customized service and all processes and details are transparent to you. We implement all design, development and production ourselves, keeping us from external factors against product quality, cost and delivery.

What You’ll Get?

  • An industry-leading battery system tailored for your applications
  • One-stop battery solution with a full package of design, development and production
  • 10 years of expertise designing and manufacturing of battery packs
  • Higher quality products at factory prices
  • Precision molds with a lifespan of at least 1,000,000 cycles
  • Full ownership of all commercial properties jointly created by you and RHY, including all drawings, schematics, molds, etc.
  • 7×24 attentive services, our sales representative will always get back to you within 24 hours
  • One-year warranty and lifelong technical support

Obviously, RHY is the right supplier that you have been seeking for.


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