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How to Care for Rechargeable Cordless Tool Batteries

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Taking adequate maintenance of your rechargeable cordless tool battery is crucial to enable it to function for a long period.

Rechargeable cordless tools are effective, movable, and willing to function at a moment’s notification.

These batteries can also last for numerous years and with adequate storage and care the battery life can be extended likewise your investment.

Therefore, getting quality and effective rechargeable cordless tool batteries from a reliable supplier will guarantee the longevity of the battery.

However, to take proper care of your rechargeable cordless tool battery, below are the steps to follow.

Always use the Battery Regularly

The life of a rechargeable cordless tool battery often reduces when there is inadequate usage. So it is very important to always keep them in action.

Always charge your cordless tool battery completely:

Before you make use of your cordless tool battery always ensure that you leave it fully charged because most chargers usually have an indicator that will alert the user when the battery is completely charged.

Always keep the battery dry and cool:

Rechargeable cordless tool batteries last longer when stored in an atmosphere that is always dry. It is not necessary to preserve batteries inside the freezer.

Always make sure you store Cordless tool Battery properly:

Make sure you always pack your battery in a cushioned bag or a modern carrying case.

More so, make sure you use the plastic lid that follows your battery to protect it from the low circuits and to preserve its terminals from moisture or breakage.

To care for your rechargeable cordless tool battery, it is important to have a second battery available:

It is always a nice notion to have a backup battery for your cordless tool at hand and well charged, to make use of or switch to when you are in the middle of a job.

Always be super careful when using a cordless tool battery because when they are used anyhow, they get cracked or damaged and this will surely result in the malfunctioning of the batteries.

Always keep your rechargeable cordless tool batteries from overheating.

Avoid leaving your battery on the Charger:

Overcharging can be so dangerous to a rechargeable cordless tool battery as this can shorten the battery life and also damage it.

So, except the tool’s instructions specifically asked you to preserve the battery on the charger, and do well to withdraw it immediately after the battery is fully charged or completed.

Avoid overheating your tool batteries:

Heat is toxic to rechargeable tool batteries and can stimulate them to flare up. So, immediately after the battery gets hot, allow it to cool down before your use or recharge it.

Avoid keeping a rechargeable cordless tool battery in a hot or heated attic, car, or storage area that is overheated.

Don't disclose your rechargeable cordless tool battery to any moist area:

Immediately the battery comes in contact with water or any moist substances, make sure you wipe it off immediately.

Do you need a quality and long-lasting rechargeable cordless tool battery?

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