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Common Questions About Cordless Power Tool Batteries

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The last decade has brought a lot of revolution to the area of battery technology. Major improvements have allowed users to enjoy cordless and rechargeable tools. One of these tools is the power tool battery.

The power tool battery is a piece of technological equipment that serves as a standby power source for cordless tools and devices. Their existence is a major reason why the devices in the cordless industry have grown so well over the years.

Their major advantage is the fact that they last longer than normal batteries. Power tool batteries have become easily accessible and users must understand how they work.

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Common Questions about Cordless Power Tool Batteries

Power tool batteries can seem very complicated at the beginning as they aren't like the average everyday batteries but with a few questions answered, you should be able to have a better understanding of how they work. Here are some common questions about power tool batteries that you might ask:

How long do power tool batteries last?

 Power tool batteries with the right care and environment can be used for as long as three years and beyond.

This makes it a long-term investment for your business. At our company, we give an amazing one-year-long warranty on our power tool batteries, that way, you can be sure of your purchase. 

What are common specifications to check for on power tool batteries? 

Although power tool batteries come with a lot of features, there are three major specifications that you should look out for; they are the ampere-hour, voltage, and battery type.

The ampere-hour(Ah) is the specification that determines the amount of energy or charges the battery can store, the voltage (V) refers to how much charge or energy the battery can release and the battery type refers t the technological material used in making a specific battery. The battery type can either be Lead acid, Nicd or Li-ion.

How long do power tool batteries take to charge?

It’s generally advised that new batteries are charged overnight or for long hours till they are full afterward, the batteries only charge for about five hours.

Without proper inbuilt technology, batteries stand the risk of damage from overcharging. Fortunately, you can get batteries from us that are both overcharge and over-discharge protected. 

How should power tool batteries be stored or kept? 

It is best to keep power tool batteries in a cool and dry environment to prevent early damage. This is because the device can easily be damaged by the elements; heat or cold. It is therefore advisable to not leave the device outdoors but bring keep it in an enclosed room after use. 

How do dispose of old batteries? 

Power tool batteries are recyclable and save you the worry of wondering what to do with them when they're out of use. Most companies help recycle old batteries; all you need do is to ship them back to the company address where they can be recycled properly.

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This is the last question and fortunately, the answer is not far from reach. At our company, we offer the best long-lasting power tool batteries at affordable rates.


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