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What Is An Embedded Charger?

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Off-the shelf battery packs and chargers or embedded chargers are types of chargers that are included with the battery and are also part of the battery.

Rechargeable batteries are meant to be recharged. This process can be done in several ways which depend on its application.

A simply designed battery can make use of the self-battery charger. This requires that the battery cell be removed from its product and adequately placed into the charger. This is very common for the rechargeable type of batteries.

A more complex charger could use similar methods stated above while using a less universal battery type. This type of charger is mostly seen in the power tool market. The larger battery is removed from the tool and placed in the external battery charger.

The most common method is when an external charger is plugged into a product/device for it to be recharged.

Above are stated several ways batteries are charged. But getting an embedded charger is not a bad idea at all. Below are the merits and demerits of the embedded charger.

Advantages of Embedded Battery Chargers

-It increases the life of the battery. The battery cells are adequately charged in good environmental conditions.

-The battery is not likely to be damaged by unauthorized chargers.

-There is no need for an external charger.

Disadvantages of Embedded Battery Chargers

-There is an increase in the actual cost, this may be negated by the increased life of the battery.

-The functioning circuit of the charger is discarded when the battery becomes useless.

-Aging of cells can be quickened as there is an added internal heat.

Why do you need it and what purpose does it serve?

This device can be used when several types of batteries will be used for the same product.

Below are three examples;

  • A little cost design of a particular product uses battery A; a battery A charger can be a part of the battery in question. When you plug power into this product, it is routed to its charger and charges battery A with the perfect algorithm for its chemistry.  

If a product is manufactured with battery B, its charger can be imputed to this battery and it will charge with the same input power as battery A.

  • If this product offers a non-rechargeable version of its type, then there would be no battery attached to the primary non-rechargeable battery. Thus this product will use this battery, and the input wall will power the product but not charge the battery.
  • Another way this is used is when a certain product is being updated and it requires it to be compatible with a product that is already in the field.

Thus, a charger can get power from the existing charger in a product styled to charge another product. The power will be converted to charge the new device without the original charger noticing any sort of charging error.

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