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Six Tips For Preserving Power Tool Batteries In Cold Weather

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Power tool batteries are a technological revolution for all users of electrically powered tools.

Having them is such a great advantage because they serve as a source of power for rechargeable tools.

One problem a lot of power tool battery owners may face is the issue of how to store them, especially in cold weather. Cold weather is a great disadvantage to various equipment.

Power tool batteries, when not kept properly, can sustain damage in the cold seasons. 

Six Tips For Preserving Power Tool Batteries In Cold Weather

When the weather gets cold, you might be worried about how to properly store your power tool batteries.

Here are six tips that can help your power tool batteries and other equipment survive cold seasons:

1. Store them in insulated sheds 

Insulated sheds are a great option for all your tools and most especially for your power tool battery. These sheds ensure that your tools are prevented from freezing.

Any shed can be insulated to accommodate a power tool battery. Power tool batteries can be kept on the shed shelf to keep them off the ground. You can also install a dehumidifier to decrease moisture.

2. Store them in well-ventilated areas

Apart from being insulated, areas, where power tool batteries are kept, must also be well-ventilated. Stuffed rooms are bound to damage your tools.

The power tool battery should be placed in a location that inst too cramped. It should also be well arranged, not placed on or beneath other tools. If possible it should be kept on a shelf. 

3. Store in a box or bag

Boxes are another great way to store power tool batteries in cold weather. One box option is the original pack that came with the power tool battery. These packs are usually well-insulated with Styrofoam.

Another option is a large toolbox that can protect it against cold weather. Silica gel packs may be put inside to prevent moisture from damaging the tools. The gel packs will also prevent rust from forming.

Cotton and canvas bags are also great options. They help keep the tools ventilated and safe against the cold. Be sure that the bags are waterproof.

4. Coat them with oil

Oiling is a great way to prevent colds from affecting power tool batteries. Oils like mineral oil, are a great option when it comes to keeping tools safe.

Oiling helps prevent rust and ensures that the tools are well-insulated. Oiling can be done with a brush, rag or spray can. Power tool batteries should be well cleaned before the oil is applied to them. 

5. Use a protective spray

Protective sprays are a great way to keep power tool batteries during cold weather. These sprays are readily available in stores. They make sure that the tools are well-oiled and insulated.

6. Store indoors

If you can't use any of the options listed above then store your power tool battery indoors.

Look for a safe corner in an insulated and well-ventilated room and store it there. An empty room can serve as a temporary place for storing tools in the cold months. 

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