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RHY: Bringing Innovation and Quality to the Shanghai International Hardware Show 2023

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The countdown has officially begun as RHY gears up for the Shanghai International Hardware Show 2023. This exciting event is set to take place from June 12th to June 14th at the National Convention & Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China.

As one of the largest battery pack manufacturers in China, RHY is thrilled to be part of this global showcase for hardware innovation. Our booth, number 2.1 21L040, will highlight our latest advancements in battery technology, including high-quality battery packs and chargers for power tools, garden tools, vacuums, and other applications.

Founded in 2013, RHY boasts over ten years of experience and expertise in designing and manufacturing batteries, chargers, and battery management systems (BMS). Over the years, we have built a strong reputation for delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers.

At the Shanghai International Hardware Show 2023, we will showcase our cutting-edge technology and demonstrate how our battery systems bring out the best in your application. Whether you're looking for a replacement battery or charger for your power tools or need a custom solution for your unique project, we have the expertise and resources to deliver the results you need.

We are excited to share our passion for innovation and quality with visitors at the Shanghai International Hardware Show 2023. Come visit us at booth 2.1 21L040 and discover what makes RHY a leading player in the battery industry. We look forward to seeing you there!


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