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How Would I Prevent a Battery from Overheating?

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Battery pack manufacturers are best in preparing good quality batteries that are eco-friendly, cost-effective, and prevent the system containing the battery from overheating. Batteries are specifically designed by assembling a variety of features for defensive, industrial, and medical applications.

However, high-quality batteries must need preventive measures to maintain their smooth running. Overheating is a very common problem with batteries which directly affects the efficiency of the battery-containing system.

How do batteries get overheated?

Most of the time, digital devices get heated, which means there is something wrong with the battery present in the device. For example, batteries of cell phones and alkaline batteries mostly get overheated depending upon the following reasons.

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Incorrect insertion

There is a possibility if alkaline batteries are inserted wrongly in the digital device, the battery box or location where the battery is fixed is not adjusted and interacts well with the battery. The loose battery in the battery box will lead to overheating, and the device will get damaged.

Rapid current flow due to short circuit

Sometimes when the battery gets in touch with some metallic part of the device, a short circuit occurs. When it gets short, the current flow speedily or abnormally that will heat up and finally discharges the battery.

Hence it is essential to adjust the battery in the right direction and location to avoid any kind of discharging and damage due to overheating. It is also very important to remove the overheated battery from the device to keep it running smoothly after recycling the battery power and health.

Exposing the battery to direct sunlight or overworking

Most of the batteries, especially those in cell phones, get overheated when exposed to direct sunlight and open more than two or three apps simultaneously.

How would a battery prevent overheating?

The following measures would prevent the batteries from overheating, depending upon their design and type.

Store at a stable temperature.

Batteries, especially alkaline ones, should be stored at low temperatures and dry to keep them stable, active, and efficient. Low temperature maintains its cooling inside out and lets it work perfectly at that temperature.

Remove batteries when the device is not in use.

It is always recommended that alkaline batteries be removed from devices when they are not used for a longer time. It is because batteries become inactive or their efficiency becomes lower if remaining inside the battery box without any user for an extensive period.

Open up the battery box and turn the device off.

If your cell phone's battery gets overheated, try to just unplug it if it is on charging and open up its case after turning it off. It will slowly stabilize its temperature.

Cool down the battery with handy fans.

Try to use a fan or blow the battery box before going to any battery pack manufacturer for temperature stabilization.

You can restore the overheated batteries, but their efficiencies were somewhat compromised. However, overheating could be prevented by following the guidelines provided by battery pack manufacturers.

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