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Corded vs. Cordless Power Tools: Which Is Right for You?

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Are cordless tools better?

We are seeing more and more cordless tools being introduced to the market, and the reason being, is that with these new battery platforms, these tools are able to produce power equal to that of corded machines. Who could say no?

When you need high power output yet flexible working, cordless tools are the one. They are much more convenient for everyday use and are quickly becoming a trade favourite. But, if you need constant, extremely high power for a full days work with no interruptions, corded tools are a must!

Cordless tools are in no way inferior to their mains-powered counterparts. Each has its own benefits which we will explain below. Please note that, in most cases, it isn’t until you reach these newer power tool batteries that you will be able to achieve the same power output as the corded equivalent, so like anything, they come at a cost.

Advantages of cordless power tools

Many of the benefits of cordless power tools come from their differences with electric power tools:

Zero cords: 

Freedom from cords lets you work wherever. You also avoid double-checking on your cord before making cuts, as well as rolling it up after work. This is especially beneficial in tight spaces where a cord might get in the way.

Fast storage: 

One of the most convenient advantage of cordless power tools is their storage. Many come with cases, though you can also put them in your bag or bin without worrying about the cord getting tangled.

Reliable battery: 

Charging your cordless power tools requires time, but the good news is those charges last. Power tool batteries are also dependable when it comes to holding their charge. You can store your tools for a couple of weeks and pick up right where you left off.

Which one to choose?

All in all, if you are an amateur, cordless tools will almost always be sufficient enough and much more convenient to use. If you are a professional doing a lot of heavy-duty work, corded tools might be the way to go. Then, of course, there is the option of getting both.

Let us help you with your cordless power tools

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