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New products----Lithium-ion Electric bike battery

Pulished on Nov. 06, 2017

Good news ! We want to introduce a new product to you-----Lithium-ion electric bike battery.

Electric bike battery is the power source of electric bicycle. There are four power batteries can be used by electric bicycles: VRLA batteries, colloidal lead-acid batteries, nickel-metal hydride batteries and lithium-ion batteries.

Lithium-ion batteries has been in the portable information products to be popularized.so we introduce electric bike battery to you.


New products----Lithium-ion Electric bike battery

As we know,Lithium-ion battery was launched in 1990 by the Japanese Sony company first to the market of new high-energy batteries,Lithium ion batteries have become the primary choice of the green secondary batteries in the 21th century due to:

1.high voltage,

2.high energy density,

3.no memory effect


Lithium ion batteries are attracting more attentions for their superior properties like high voltage, high energy density, high-speed discharge, low self-discharge, low toxicity, etc. 


New products----Lithium-ion Electric bike battery

This battery use a special components -----EBK series protection board ,it was dedicated for protecting lithium ion battery,provide perfect and reliable protection performance;with very high overcharge and over discharge balance voltage detection accuracy;Micro current control discharge switch.

Our product have those advantages:

1.Over charge protection:Any section of the battery to reach the overcharge protection voltage, immediately turn off the charging circuit, prohibit the continued charge.

2.Over discharge protection:Any battery voltage below the over-discharge protection voltage, immediately turn off the discharge circuit, prohibit continued discharge.

3.Over current protection:Discharge current exceeds the overcurrent protection current, immediately turn off the discharge circuit, to prohibit continued discharge.

4.Short current protection:The output port is short-circuited, immediately turn off the discharge,To prevent damage to the battery or protective board.

5.Balance function:when in charging,it will balances the cell voltage for Maintaining the consistency of the voltage and capacity of the cell.

6.Micro current control discharge switch:it can use micro current control discharge switch to Control whether the battery discharge.

7.Temperature control:To prevent the temperature is too high lead to endanger with PCB board.

New products----Lithium-ion Electric bike battery